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She definitely made a place for herself in our hearts. - Abdel-Hamid

We bought our house almost two years ago. From the first day that I called the Warranty department, I found the people working there are extremely friendly, professional, and efficient. Every time we had a problem in the house, they would attend to our problem right away and in a timely fashion. I am also impressed with their amount of knowledge, and the information they were willing to share with us. In particular I would like to thank Ms. Brenda for all of her assistance, her very friendly attitude, and her professionalism. She definitely made a place for herself in our hearts. I will never forget how on one occasion when we needed her to come over to show us where our house pins were, she readily volunteered her time and came in person to show us where they were. There was no hesitation on her part what-so-ever. She seemed like the ideal and perfect Customer Service agent who believes in making her customers happy and content. I would definitely recommend North Ridge Development to my friends whether it is to buy a house from them, or to construct a custom-made house.


If they say they will sort it out, they stick to their word and follow through - Andy

We just built with North Ridge Development and I would just like to say that Travis and Brenda, our service representatives, have been brilliant in rectifying any issues. North Ridge has been reliable and if they say they will sort it out, they stick to their word and follow through.

Leanne, our sales representative, showed great care and attention to detail. She promptly took care of any issues I had and was always going the extra mile to assist me in understanding the process of building and buying a new house. She was friendly and helpful before, during and after construction. She was direct and open in updating me on progress and advised me of potential issues professionally, so that they were resolved immediately.

Time of completion was early. Without hesitation, I would recommend North Ridge to anyone looking for a builder.


They walked us through every step from sales to possession and have never left. - Ashley

We built our home in 2010 when the industry was extremely busy. We even asked North Ridge to move up our possession date, which they did with no hesitation. We moved in on schedule and without any problems. North Ridge made it clear they would be back to check in before our 1 year check up, which is rare for most home builders. Our 1 year mark came and they checked off everything on our list and then Brenda, the head of the warranty team, called and said don't hesitate to call if you have questions or concerns. I'm glad they said that because one night 2 years later, we experienced what I thought was a major plumbing problem. I immediately called North Ridge and plumbers were on our doorstep with an hour. The problem was actually minor and took the plumbers only minutes to fix! I was extremely grateful North Ridge meant what they said; just because our 1 year had passed they were still there for us. Fast forward to 5 years and our 2nd level subfloor had developed a squeak. Once again I called on North Ridge for advice and the very next day the warranty team came through and fixed the squeak. I can not imagine the fear a homeowner would have making the biggest purchase of your life, only to find out once you write the cheque the builder is gone. That is not the case with North Ridge. They walked us through every step from sales to possession and have never left. I would recommend North Ridge whether a person wants a tiny starter house or their forever home.


Deadlines were met and the quality of their work has been first rate! - Farm in the Dell Board of Directors

Farm in the Dell is a home and work place for 10 men and women with developmental disabilities 6km North East of Aberdeen.  North Ridge first helped design and build the group home which we are very pleased with. They are open and willing to suggestions and various ways of building design. They then ventured with us in building the vocational / day program building which is a new type of project for them. This building is designed as a work place for individuals with developmental abilities to have the opportunity to go to work each day having a meaningful place to work.

Gerry, the site supervisor at the farm, for both the home and vocational building, was very helpful and always just a call away. He developed good relationships with the residents at the farm which was huge! They really took a liking to Gerry and enjoyed seeing him often. We will miss him not being around. One of the residents thought he was the "maintenance guy" because he always went the extra mile for us!

We have had nothing but great dealings with North Ridge over the past two years. Deadlines were met and the quality of their work has been first rate. The few times we had to ask for changes, they were carried out quickly and pleasantly. We can truly say that we were very pleased with their work. other company would give us this kind of service... - Felix

Thank you for all the information you supplied us for the subcontractors for the electronic gate. I just wanted to tell you how much we appreciate all the help and support you gave us for this building for the past five years. Even all the warranty for this building has long expired, you are still helping us with 100% effort and I believe no other company would give us this kind of service after our warranty expired. Once again thank you so much and thanks North Ridge also, they are so lucky to have staff like yourself to work for them.  

You are the Best! - Helen and Cornelius

From the day of possession we have had only good experiences with the North Ridge staff. We got to know them personally, by first name mostly. Ed was always very considerate and prompt. He was also very pleasant to do business with. We originally made our offer to purchase with Terry. She too was always very pleasant, kind and helpful. Our experience with North Ridge has only been pleasant. We have owned six different homes in Saskatoon in our married life. Three homes have been with North Ridge. There is one young man named "Allen". I can't praise him enough in the way he repaired the cracks in our walls. His work is excellent. This young man certainly deserves a promotion as soon as they become vacant. Another name we has lots to do with is Brenda Peters. If it hadn't been for her, our view of North Ridge may be very different. She undoubtedly has to be the best employees North Ridge has ever had. If any one was ever considered for an award, we would undoubtedly say it should be North Ridge Development. We have mentioned only a few names. but should add that everyone that we had to deal with were pleasant and kind. Thank you to North Ridge Developments. You are the best!


...the best thing was their care for the customer - Jasvir & Gagandeep

We both are really happy with North Ridge Customer Service. Rob was at our place for an inspection, the best thing was their care for the customer. One bulb on the ceiling was burnt and it was impossible for us to fix. Rob called his friend Murray that was doing an inspection in another house, he came with a tall ladder and changed those bulbs. THIS KIND OF GUIDANCE OR COACHING WAS WONDERFUL. We are happy with North Ridge Customer Service, keep it up!!!!!!!!!!  

Your guy did an ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL JOB with my ceiling! - Julie G

Just wanted to give you a little feedback. Your guy did an ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL JOB with my ceiling! Looks perfect! And he did it so fast and so professional! For us time was very important because we have a 2-year old at home and Iuri’s job didn’t affect our schedule at all! I’m so happy!

Thank you so much! 


North Ridge goes the extra mile for each client no matter the size of home - Kanta and Sujata

We started designing a new home with North Ridge in 2006. At the outset we realized that the professional, courteous and hard working staff at North Ridge were ready and willing to make our DREAM COME TRUE! Every consideration was given to ensure quality throughout our 2500 plus square foot, double storey home overlooking the beautiful South Saskatchewan River. At each stage of the build, we were encouraged to let North Ridge know what we desired. We have experienced firsthand that North Ridge Development Corporation goes the extra mile for each client no matter the size of home. The exceptional care we received continued after we took possession of our new home. There is a satisfaction in knowing that one has made the right choice in life especially with a life-changing type of purchase such as a family home. Customer satisfaction and peace of mind are North Ridge's mission as a reputable builder; raising the bar for quality homes and exceeding building standards.

We've known this from the beginning about North Ridge, but it's always good to repeat a well deserved compliment. You are reliable, trustworthy and can be counted for an outstanding service. We can truly say that after building with North Ridge we have an excellent home with quality workmanship evident throughout!


Amazing service! - Kristina & Jesse

Travis provided amazing service after we purchased our new home from North Ridge! From picking up on little things we may have missed at our home inspections to providing quick and excellent service with any big issues that have arose, we are very thankful!


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