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...this house is perfect for me... - Larry and Roberta

My husband & I never regretted that we bought a very nice house from the North Ridge! This bungalow house is very comfortable and warm!

This is the first time we bought a brand new house! We had been living in our former home for 31 years & the one before was 16 1/2 years--all used. Those days when people bought newly built houses, there were not many guarantees & warranty. We like North Ridge's program! When North Ridge returns to our house every 3 months it certainly is a big help for us. We found we had made mistakes and they explained how things could be done!

Since I have asthma and this house is perfect for me, and my husband enjoys this house very much!


There was never a time that we didn't feel like North Ridge was behind us - Leslie and Mike

We just want to thank you for taking such good care of us these last few years. We really couldn’t have asked for better treatment and we want you to know how much we have truly appreciated all of it. Our journey has certainly not been “run of the mill” and it’s been longer and more complex than any of us expected but there was never a time that we didn’t feel like North Ridge was behind us and we feel very fortunate in having built with a company so committed not only to the quality of their work but to us as customers so “Thank You” ....... really and truly. Both Errol and Travis have been incredible and we have had tremendous confidence in both of them and their suggestions because there was never a question that their objectives were the same as ours and that really says a lot.

I can’t end this without acknowledging the other members of the warranty department as well. Every one of them that has come to work on our house has been wonderful. They are always friendly and helpful and very considerate of us, our house and our time and for that.....again we are very grateful.

Thank you to all of to’s been a pleasure.


Thanks for giving us a home we enjoy being in every day! - Lorenz and Melissa

This letter is an expression of our appreciation for building a spectacular new home for our family and Best Customer Service Department. It is just wonderful to live in a home of this quality, which we consider the biggest investment a young family can make. We just moved last October 2012 into our beautiful new built North Ridge Home & would like to take this opportunity to extend our thanks to Trisha London, Brenda Peters from the Customer Service Department & all of the North Ridge employees for such an excellent, well-built home.

We had carefully checked out several new homes by leading builders in the Saskatoon area & fortunately we had the opportunity to view two new homes by North Ridge & were very impressed. We went to Trisha London to see if they had anything under construction that were similar to the previous homes we had inspected with her. They had a bungalow in the foundation stage so if we had any modifications they would be easily carried out. North Ridge Homes normal selections for materials & finishing were all in good taste but the few up-grades we requested were minimal & all done with very minimum costs.

Finding a builder who will take the time to answer questions and can relate her answers to the new home owners was an unexpected surprise. What’s more, your outstanding customer service continued through the warranty period. We have noticed that you address warranty issues quickly and thoroughly, and your service technician is courteous and professional. North Ridge Homes customer service department addressed all our concerns, big or small, after we moved in. Any problems were rectified promptly and courteously. Your friendly approach made the new homeowners experience an enjoyable one. We would not hesitate to recommend North Ridge Homes to others who are thinking of building or buying a new home. Thanks again for giving us a home we enjoy being in every day!


We love our new home and would give top reviews about the quality, workmanship, and customer service at North Ridge - Matt and Kayla

One of our favorite parts of our new house was actually the build process. It was exciting and we learned a lot. Everyone was so helpful and really quick getting back to us when we had questions.  We were able to meet whenever was convenient for us right near our house. 

We love how much input we had into the design of our home.  Our house has so many unique features, making it completely our own.  Our house is modern while still having traditional aspects in the design.  It fits our lifestyle and will also let us live there for decades to come. The build quality is great, and we were able to get possession when we needed so. 

Our sales consultant, Steve Little, was friendly, accommodating, knowledgeable and honest. He told us the facts about building and was not pushy or demanding. With Steve's help we were able to draw up the perfect house plans to fit our lifestyle and budget. 

One of the best features was being able to customize our home and the flexibility to change the layout or orientation of rooms to fit our needs or features of the lot. The draft and final drawings were very detailed and organized with all our requests for changes. We loved being able to see our home during the build process to reassure us that things were going in the right direction. 

During our near final walkthrough, the Northridge team pointed out adjustments that needed to be made to our benefit.  We love our new home and would give top reviews about the quality, workmanship, and customer service at North Ridge.


Our experience with North Ridge exceeded every expectation - Mel and Matt

In 2009 My husband and I decided to buy a North Ridge home. We decided this not only because we fell in love with the design and quality of the house, but also because we heard wonderful things about North Ridge as a company. And our experience with North Ridge exceeded every expectation. Every step of the way, from customer care, to anyone from the North Ridge team that came to help us with our house, had such genuine concern for our home and our family. To us, North Ridge understands that a house is not just a house, it is a home. For us, it is the most special place in the world. 

Over the years, we've had the opportunity to maintain relationships with the people of North Ridge, specifically Brenda. We spoke with her when we first moved into our home. And over the years, she took the time to get to know our family, and our home. She not only answered our questions in the most timely manner, but also took the time to email documents that specifically pertained to our home. There was never a question too small or too big. North Ridge in all aspects of the company, from house to customer service, has its philosophy in the right foundation. With North Ridge we not only received a superior house, but superior care. So thus, the wonderful things we heard about North Ridge were undoubtedly true, but to experience them, as a family in one of their homes, has been a true gift. 


North Ridge totally fulfilled our dreams! - Rob and Staria

We are so pleased with our custom North Ridge build - hardly a day goes by without a compliment from a visitor! Everything turned out absolutely perfect - not even one issue! We could not be happier! Our North Ridge team did a tremendous job from the design, to the suppliers, to the final paint and appliance installation - North Ridge totally fulfilled our dreams! Thank you North Ridge!


We are very pleased with North Ridge - Robert and Brenda

On October 1, 2009, we bought a condo home from North Ridge. If we had a problem we would phone Brenda Peters and she would send one or more of her staff to check the situation and fix it. We are very pleased with North Ridge.


My expectations were definitely exceeded - Scott

When I was first purchasing my place, the salesman helping me with my purchase was so nice to deal with and was extremely helpful throughout the purchase process. He seemed very genuine. No matter what crazy offer I came up with he remained calm, friendly, and helpful.

After the possession date, the basement needed to be finished. The team from North Ridge was very careful to not damage my condo, and were very receptive to my many questions and concerns. No matter how many times I called with worries they always remained calm and friendly. They even surprised me by adding a wooden sub-floor in the laundry room even though it wasn't part of the deal, just because they thought it would be a better way to go. I was very impressed with the finished product.

When all of the work was done, North Ridge did not forget about me. There were many inspections of my condo done by extremely friendly and polite people. Any issues I had were solved, even the ones that were not typically their job to solve. One morning I even had the pleasure of meeting a kind woman from North Ridge, who until that point I had just dealt with on the phone, when she stopped by with coffee and donuts.

Overall, I have been extremely impressed in all facets of my dealings with North Ridge and would not hesitate to recommend North Ridge to anyone in the market for a home. My expectations were definitely exceeded!


Thank you so much for making our home buying experience a great one! - Shari

Travis Lewis completed the majority of our inspections; he was always friendly and answered all of our questions with knowledge and expertise. He made sure our house was in optimal condition and despite our thorough inspections he found things that we missed and made sure someone came out to repair them quickly. Aside from the regular scheduled inspections, he stopped by two additional times to check our HRV unit and the moisture levels in our home because I was concerned about the condensation on our windows. When Travis came to our home, he was never rushed, he never made us feel like we were just a number but as though we really mattered to him and we sincerely appreciate that.

Good customer service is, sadly, becoming a thing of the past but we had such a great experience with Travis and the rest of your Warranty staff that we have no reservations whatsoever about recommending your company to any of our friends. If we move in the future, we will most definitely be purchasing another North Ridge house. We are so proud of our home and Travis' helpful, friendly manner extended the excitement of buying and moving into a brand new house beyond the initial purchase. Thank you so much for making our home-buying experience a great one!"


We have been very happy! - Shawn

We have been very happy with the house and the community you have provided us. We have nothing but good things to say to people we talk to about North Ridge.


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